NYK Logistics in Australia

NYK Logistics is structured and committed to provide a total service to the transport and distribution market in Australia and to serve our customers with a commitment to Quality and a goal to satisfy their needs and expectations.

It is our objective to be an industry leader offering our customers Quality and cost effective services, innovative service programs and long-term business partnerships.

Our commitment to Quality of service is embraced by management and extends to all functions and levels of the organisation.

Through Total Quality Management, the company will develop and maintain a spirit and culture encouraging teamwork and service in meeting our Quality objectives, and this policy is the responsibility of all our employees.


Each division of NYK Logistics has achieved and maintains Quality Assurance to ISO 9001.

NYK Logistics provides third party logistics services based on controlled operational procedures that meet the required ISO 9001 standards. Procedures can be put in place to meet individual customer needs.

NYK place a high degree of emphasis on reporting and performance through every aspect of business delivery and interaction with our customers and their customers throughout the supply chain. NYK strives to ensure that the NYK objectives of performance monitoring are reached and maintained with each customer to:

  • Ensure all aspects of the customer supply chain operation are reported
  • Guarantee NYK are performing as per the agreed SLA requirements
  • Create a basis for weekly operational discussions on services and areas of improvement
  • Identify areas in personnel/subcontractor non-conformances
  • Identify areas within our client base where re-occurring issues need to be addressed and resolved in the weekly operational meeting
  • Monitoring ongoing performance on a national basis to ensure all requirements are met