NYK Logistics in Australia

Information Systems at NYK Logistics

It is essential for a total logistics provider, whether operating on a national or international scale, to maintain its’ business networks in a global context and link numerous production and consumption points where required. NYK Logistics uses information systems that bridges these network connections with sea, air and land transport and delivery networks. NYK Logistics’ system allows customers to track their product throughout the logistics pipeline and its condition. The strength of our logistics business is in our ability to provide seamless services – throughout Australia or worldwide.

Through our global network, our integrated solutions form a total logistics service covering such logistics functions as order and inventory management, distribution, consolidation and transportation.

E-Trade using EDI/EAI over a VAN

NYK Logistics exchanges files on behalf of a number of our customers with the major retail chains as a value add to our normal warehouse and transport operations. These files contain information about the order and delivery and fully describe the content of each carton in the delivery.

Full integration with the customer’s host system

For customers using the NYK Warehouse Management System, we provide full integration with our customer’s host ERP systems. Files are exchanged using FTP or other standard transport mechanisms. The files are in XML or other mutually agreed formats for ease of importing into the customer’s system. This is usually done over a dedicated link, but can be over the public Internet if required.

Email & Web based reporting

KPI and performance reports are generated by our system and are delivered to our customer by email, web access or other required delivery method. Invoicing can also be done by this method. Event alerting and order tracking by Web, email and SMS.

As an extension of the electronic reporting above, we can send alerts for events that fall within a set of agreed criteria by e-mail or SMS, or make them available for downloading on the website, or provide access to an in-house database containing full details.

Web based returns

NYK Logistics provide a web portal to our customers allowing them to book returns directly over the Internet. Full progress of the return can be tracked on-line. In cases where we have integration with the customer, the information is fed back in to their ERP system automatically.