NYK Logistics in Australia


  • Origin solutions – beginning with your current order process we will start discussions on developing a customised solution aimed at providing upstream cost savings and visibility, with agreed KPI and reporting functions that measure all level of services.
  • Global Network Coverage – you will find an NYK Logistics office or distribution centre ready to help …. anywhere in the world.
  • Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage – NYK Logistics is a single source provider of global solutions for air freight, multimodal transportation and customs compliance. As an NVOCC, NYK Logistics contracts with multiple carriers for extensive global sea freight services.


Full Service Logistics means that NYK Logistics can, not only consolidate your cargo for shipment to any destination in the world in a timely fashion; but also manage the entire logistics process for seamless full service handling. NYK Logistics is a neutral consolidator. We work with any carrier or service provider for maximum efficiency. With 110 directly operated logistics facilities worldwide, we have the people, resources, equipment, experience and expertise to move your merchandise from its point of origin to its final place of delivery.

NYK Logistics’ origin services are testament to the true meaning of consolidation. We join, unite, unify, secure and ship your products as they make their way from their original manufacturing location to their final delivery destination. Whether FCL or LCL we work with multiple vendors to consolidate full containers for load maximization. We handle all types of cargo and specialise in (non-food) retail/consumer goods

Purchase Order Management & Monitoring
Receipt of your purchase order by EDI, XML, FTP, flat file or fax starts the process of managing your “inventory in motion”. We check with your vendors 14 days before the early ship date to ensure everything is on schedule..

Predistribution Service
At point of origin ocean containers are loaded in a special manner for distribution centre or store direct delivery. Merchandise is distribution ready and enables you to :

  • Plan shipments further in advance
  • Bypass deconsolidation at destination
  • Reduce handling time
  • Expedite delivery
  • Improve cycle time and reduce inventory expense

Vendor Management
NYK Logistics can manage all your vendors globally by working on your behalf locally around the world. We report on your vendor’s performance in all aspects of compliance.

  • Measure vendor response
  • Measure late delivery
  • Prepare cargo and overdue reports
  • List all vendors who delivered after last delivery date
  • Highlight best/worst category; early/on-time/late
  • Locate missing information in shipping order
  • Summarise specific vendor performance to first ship date on a year to year basis

Vendor Education & Training
We conduct seminars with your worldwide vendors to educate them on logistics requirements, documentation, processes and information. Training is based on customer requirements and local operating procedures that blend with global operating procedures for seamless handling.

Carrier Coordination
NYK Logistics manages this process for both factory loaded and CFS loaded containers to meet delivery dates and allocations; based on available CBMs on the purchase order. We track data and forecast shipping trends which is essential during peak times, when equipment is in high demand. At point of origin, NYK Logistics can measure and report on carrier performance.

Document Control
We check documents for accuracy and timeliness. All discrepancies are reported and corrective action is taken immediately.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance plays a critical role and is a key tool in expediting delivery of consumer-tagged goods. Inspection at origin cuts time and handling costs from the importing process. Services range from traditional to highly customized programs which include:

Product inspection (any commodity):

  • Footwear Inspection
  • Garment examination
  • Textile inspection
  • Sewing repairs
  • Stain removal
  • Steam pressing
  • Label removal, insertion
  • Carton Markings

Garment-on-Hanger (GOH)
NYK offer a GOH solution from origin to final destination and can provide all services for hanging garments or carton merchandise. NYK specializes in GOH cargo and offers full-service logistics in a single per piece rate.

  • Price ticketing & tagging
  • UPC labels
  • Hanger inserts
  • Security sensors
  • Bar code scanning
  • GOH to flat-pack and flat-pack to GOH

Floor-Ready Distribution
As retailers increase the demand for vendors to deliver store-ready, consumer-ready merchandise, NYK can handle all details at the pre-ship point….from anywhere in the world…..to anywhere in the world.

  • Repacking
  • Storage
  • Slip Sheet
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Palletizing
  • Trucking & Distribution
  • Pick up & Delivery
  • Quality Inspection Facilities

The cornerstone of our Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) service is our worldwide LCL Consolidation service. We make a commitment to you with a booking number and reserve space for your freight on that vessel. Space will be held for your freight until the last possible minute, which includes making special arrangements for late cargo delivery.

With the large volume of freight we consolidate, containers are always loaded for each destination point, which means your freight has minimal handling. NVOCC services also include FCL and buyer's consolidation. Special rates are negotiated through service contracts. The cumulative experience in our worldwide network facilitates finding unique solutions to challenging shipping problems.

As NVOCC, you are assured that we are following all applicable regulations including tariff filing, hazardous cargo regulations, and staff training. Our computerized system provides faxed bookings, detailed bills of lading, and reports. We provide customers with the latest information through on-going upgrades and system changes.

Ocean Freight Forwarding
NYK Logistics is a licensed worldwide Freight Forwarder. Our service commitment starts with a customer consultation to discuss specific export requirements. We guide the customer through various considerations such as government agency requirements and hazardous materials regulations. Throughout the process, we strive to minimize costs while offering premium services. We provide advice at every stage of worldwide exporting.

Air Freight Forwarding
International airfreight service is available from NYK Logistics offices around the world. We offer various levels of service, including regular consolidation service with blocked space, and time-definite, door-to-door concepts. Uniquely tailored “Just-in-time” delivery service is available at several destinations.

NYK Logistics handles airfreight on a true door-to-door, one-company basis with pick-up service, documentation processing, export customs clearance where necessary, and customs clearance and delivery at destination. Our global agreements with major carriers ensure competitive pricing and optimum service to all parts of the world.

NYK Logistics offers user friendly, detailed Internet based tracking and tracing, and a variety of Internet based purchase order, warehouse and inventory management programs.

NYK is a leader in logistics technology and has invested substantial resources into its state-of-the-art visibility network. Our systems are user-friendly and provide customers with multiple options for electronically processing purchase orders, booking freight, scanning documents, categorizing e-mail files, changing delivery destinations en route, providing easy access to information, tracking and tracing shipments, and obtaining timely data.

Communication is Key
We continuously update and upgrade our technology as it improves, but we are only as good as our ability and creativity are to use it. At NYK Logistics, it is more than technology that predicts our success. We interact and communicate with our customers, so that we use these essential tools to improve the way we do business together.